Integrity Maintenance, LLC

Member of the Alabama Home Builders Association

Facilities Maintenance

Maintainability is a vital component in running a successful business; In fact we have found that the benefits to the overall life cycle of a building produce a good business case, and yield a high return on investment, not only in overall costs, but also improved morale through increased efficiency of labor.

Here at Integrity Maintenance, LLC we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive maintenance plans, specifically tailored for each client. Our plans include both routine and preventive maintenance; however we do understand that some businesses may already have an effective plan of action but just lacks the man power. Regardless of what stage your business may be in, Integrity Maintenance, LLC is here to help!

Our Facilities Maintenance Services Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Basic custodial services
  • Floor care
  • Routine exterior painting of buildings and interior painting of common and public areas
  • General building repairs
  • Maintenance of building life-safety and systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and lighting
  • Pest control
  • Care of trees and shrubbery, lawns and sidewalks
  • Maintenance and repair of door locks and hardware
  • Some repair of furniture, moving and furniture installation.
  • Installation, service and repair of certain departmental or laboratory equipment.
  • Minor upgrades required to meet departmental program changes, reconfiguration of walls, doors or openings
  • Limited installation of additional electrical outlets or lights